We exclusively work with PE-owned and VC-backed growth-phase business-to-business companies

Comprehensive Strategy & Operations Capabilities.

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Impact-Focused Approach

As-A-Service & Project Models

As-A-Service Model

Growth-phase Adjusted Standard Monthly Retainer
All-Inclusive Package
Ongoing Year-round, Hands-on Partnership
Operate as your Strategy & Operations Team

Project Model

Growth-phase Adjusted Standard Project Fees
Choose from Four Capabilities
Time-bound Relationship + Impact Check-ins
Support your Strategy & Operations Needs
A Comprehensive Strategy & Operations Solution

Four Capabilities To Evolve The Entire Company Through Each Growth Stage

Comprehensive assessment using The Spiral Stairway methodology
Actionable insights across all fundamental strategy & operations components
3-6 month 'quick wins' roadmap and action plans
Executive / board / investor read-out
Execution tracking & management of 'quick wins' [SOaaS Model]
Strategy Development
Clean-slate market assessment and value flow analysis
Sweet spot identification and market sizing
Customer needs assessment and market problem definition
Strategic trade-off choices formulation (product & commercial)
Corporate strategy [product & commercial] decision articulation and socialization
Ongoing M&A and strategic analysis support [SOaaS Model]
Strategic Planning
Annual strategic planning leadership
Strategic initiatives development
Operations impact of strategic initiatives
Investment prioritization & decisions
Operations performance targets setting
Organizational alignment and commitment
Financial planning support
Board approval enablement
Ongoing strategic plan tuning [SOaaS Model]
Execution Management
Strategic initiatives management [SOaaS Model]
Board & executive meeting preparation [SOaaS Model]
Data assessment & optimization
Operational analysis and insights for continuous improvement
Process design and deployment
Predictive and actionable reporting design and automation
Ongoing reporting management [SOaaS Model]
How We Partner

We Operate With Proven Frameworks Developed Through Hands-on Value Creation Experiences

Our Complete Methodology

Comprehensive Company-wide Impact

Acumes Framework. Source: The Spiral Stairway: The System To Build A Holistic Company
What You Offer

Customer-Focused Productized Offerings

To grow sustainably and profitably, we must productize how we create value for customers. We enable you to focus on net positive customer value creation, while avoiding common value destroying and growth-plateauing pitfalls.

Acumes Framework: Product Strategy. Source: The Spiral Stairway: The System To Build A Holistic Company
How You Deliver

The Company Way Processes

Sustainable growth demands increasing operational efficiency and sophistication with growth. Every activity in every company falls into three buckets – selling, delivering, and managing. These efforts must be dovetailed with each other and the corporate strategy to limit growth inhibitors.

Acumes Framework: Benefits of strong process culture. Source: The Spiral Stairway: The System To Build A Holistic Company
How You Evolve

Objective Data & Actionable Insights

Objective and accurate data help us win. Biased and subjective data lead us astray. We enable you to capture unbiased and objective data, draw actionable insights from analyses, and manage operations predictively using reporting.

Acumes Framework: Data, Analysis, and Reporting. Source: The Spiral Stairway: The System To Build A Holistic Company
How You Manage

Strategically Aligned Management Approach

People agenda is unique to every company and must align with Corporate Strategy. We help you build a company-wide system by aligning core values, organization design, hiring approach, and performance and compensation management to your unique offering and processes.

Acumes Framework: Management Approach. Source: The Spiral Stairway: The System To Build A Holistic Company

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