We work with private mid-market B2B companies

Prospective & Longitudinal Approach to Purpose, Strategy, and Operations

Prudent Approach
Explore, deep-dive, and transform at your pace

Approach to Minimize Incongruences & Architect A company System

Awareness  |  Self Service  |  Low Effort
DIY  Baseline  Toolkit

Self Diagnose Level of Congruence

Begin experiencing the value of The Spiral Stairway method through an introspection and alignment exercise exploring a novel set of considerations.
Blindspots across fundamentals identified
Fundamental components maturity scored
Incongruences between fundamentals surfaced
Areas for deeper exploration prioritized
Transparency  |  Quick Impact  |  Sprint

Identify Incongruences & Root Causes

Deep dive into a company-wide sprint assessment to uncover incongruences and root causes across fundamental components spanning purpose, strategy, and operations.
Root causes of incongruences uncovered
Investments in symptom-solving initiatives dropped
Congruent elements moved into focus
Reactions to false positives & negatives blocked
Comprehensive  |  Cohesive  |  Transformational

Align Purpose, Strategy, and Operations

Embrace system thinking and a one-company mindset to transform the fundamental components to maximize value creation, capital efficiency, and business model sustainability.
Net positive customer value maximized
Strategy & operations aligned with investor horizon
Capital efficiency aligned with strategy & purpose
Business model and financial sustainability optimized
Proactive  |  Preventative  |  Predictive

Self-Evolve Value Creation & Capital Efficiency

Trust a system-centered approach to proactively macro-evolve and micro-evolve the company to outrun demands of time, scale, and environmental factors and limit incongruences through lines of defense.
Proactive and intentional macro-evolutions
Preventative 1st line of defense
Predictive 2nd line of defense
Early detection and micro-evolutions as 3rd line of defense

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