The Spiral Stairway

The System To Build A Holistic Company

It is an insightful, comprehensive, and actionable guide written for critical-thinking CEOs, executives, supervisors, and employees. It creates a system to build sustainable, holistic companies that exist to balance the incentives of customers, investors, employees, partners, and society.

It uniquely bridges the chasm between real-world behaviors and proven concepts to look at an entire company as one symbiotic organism objectively. The cohesively dovetailed methodology ties together all underlying components and principles necessary to answer the question – How must we build and manage a company?

The Spiral Stairway: The System To Build A Holistic Company

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Thought  Leadership  To  Architect  Holistic  Companies


Purpose aligns value expectations and time horizons across stakeholders


Business Model Sustainability...

...requires the company to attain and maintain an equilibrium that balances the incentives of all stakeholders...

Equilibrium = Likeliest Outcome
Balance = Informed Alignment
Incentive = Underlying Motivations

Financial Architecture...

...mitigates risks to business model sustainability for a time horizon all stakeholders align on...

Positive Cash Flow
Perpetually Serviceable Debt
Limited Counterparty Risk
No Misrepresentation Risk
Acumes - Holistic Company - Condition B - John Oommen

A single comprehensive and cohesive strategy enables optimal outcomes


Minimizing Incongruence and Maximizing Value Creation and Capital Efficiency...

...require the company to govern itself using a single dovetailed strategy that interlocks answers to three simple questions.

Who To Serve
What To Offer
How To Deliver

Operations translate strategy into the real world and outcomes


Strategy-Aligned Management Approach

Every company's people agenda is unique and must align with corporate strategy. Build a company-wide system by aligning core values, organization design, hiring approach, and performance and compensation management with offerings and processes.

Acumes Framework: Management Approach. Source: The Spiral Stairway: The System To Build A Holistic Company

Customer-Focused Productized Offerings

To grow sustainably and profitably, we must productize how we create customer value. Focus on improving net positive customer value while avoiding common value-destroying and growth-plateauing pitfalls.

Acumes Framework: Product Strategy. Source: The Spiral Stairway: The System To Build A Holistic Company

The Company Way Processes

Sustainable growth demands increasing operational efficiency and sophistication with scale. Every company activity falls into three buckets: selling, delivering, and managing. These efforts must dovetail and align with one cohesive company strategy and purpose to limit growth inhibitors.

Acumes Framework: Benefits of strong process culture. Source: The Spiral Stairway: The System To Build A Holistic Company

Objective Data & Actionable Insights

Objective and accurate data help us win. Biased and subjective data lead us astray. Capture unbiased and objective data, draw actionable insights from analyses, and manage operations predictively using reporting.

Acumes Framework: Data, Analysis, and Reporting. Source: The Spiral Stairway: The System To Build A Holistic Company

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