The Spiral Stairway: The System To Build A Holistic Company

It is an insightful, comprehensive, and actionable guide written for critical-thinking CEOs, executives, supervisors, and employees. It creates a system to build sustainable, holistic companies that exist to balance the incentives of customers, investors, employees, partners, and society at large.

It uniquely bridges the chasm between real-world behaviors and proven concepts to objectively look at an entire company as one symbiotic organism. The cohesively dovetailed methodology ties together all underlying components and principles necessary to answer the question – How must we build and manage a company?

The Spiral Stairway: The System To Build A Holistic Company

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Actionable  Thought  Leadership  To  Build  Holistic  Companies

Why is The Spiral Stairway different and impactful?

A cohesive and comprehensive methodology to manage the whole company is significantly more valuable and sustainable than stand-alone functional tactics. The Spiral Stairway continuously dovetails and improves every fundamental component of a company through micro-evolution and macro-evolution cycles.

A strategy development and strategic planning centered approach ensures that the whole company transforms as a single entity to keep up with customers needs and market shifts.

Continuous systematic alignment of operations to strategy and improvement in execution are equally paramount.

The Spiral Stairway: The System To Build A Holistic Company. Imprint: Acumes

Systems First

The Spiral Stairway takes a systemic approach to focus on problems, their root-causes, and developing solutions to address systemic root-causes. People are not the problem.

String of Pearls

Solutions that dovetail are impactful. Disjointed ideas rarely are. Design tailored solutions to problems considering all dependencies across the company.

D I V E         D E E P

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